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Nana C.

«I'm a Certified TEFL Instructor, who tailored English sessions for Safety Training centre staff. I'm also an HSE Practitioner and trainer.»


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О себе

I have come across the Tutoring website while browsing and screening updated job vacancies.

I thought of grabbing an opportunity and introducing myself, my qualifications and gained experiences with interest and skills.

Taking into consideration the fact that I may not have great administrative experience, I would like to assure you that my vast experience in training Oil and Gas industry tycoons have thought me planning and management skills, and prioritise my workload and a high level of communication on all level of the organisational hierarchy.

I have definitely attached my resume to this e-mail, which gives a better idea of a person sending you this e-mail. I'm a Certified TEFL Instructor, who tailored English sessions for Safety Training centre staff. I'm also an HSE Practitioner and trainer with 6 years of experience holding NEBOSH ( 'the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health' ) certificate.

I also tailor English confidence and fluency training to client’s need, for those who feel shy, frustrated, and stuck.
I help non-native English speakers with strategies, skills, and resources to live life confidently in English:-Have conversations with anyone

-Interview in English & get the job you want

-Share your opinions or ideas in a business meeting

-Deliver Presentations

-Improve Public Speaking Skills

-Make friends easily with people where you live

-Do little things, like go to the grocery store, without stress

-Feel comfortable with any situation—in English

I'm a fluency & confidence teacher, passionate to write, entrepreneur, and shy language learner (my second language is Russian ).

My dual citizenship ( British and Russian ) allows me to travel and be physically present to conduct face-to-face sessions around European and CIS countries for an effective result.

More importantly, I help non-native English speakers become fluent and communicate with confidence to build a better career and enjoy daily life in English.

My HSE background has given me great knowledge to create and run HSE awareness training for both children and adults. I deliver training to educate children and their parent on various subjects, yet the most popular is First Aid and Fire Fighting. Those sessions are delivered to bring enough knowledge to have a proper and most importantly immediate response in the emergency.




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